Monongalia County Virtual Democratic Convention – May 2020 - Mon Dems

Monongalia County Virtual Democratic Convention – May 2020

Covid-19 has thrown a monkey wrench into everyone’s plans for 2020, but as Democrats, it is critical for this year’s election and our party to stay as organized and active as possible. As such, West Virginia Democrats will hold virtual county conventions online this year. Any registered Democrat in Monongalia County is eligible to participate.
At the virtual county convention, we can name up to a maximum of 68 delegates to the state convention, including up to 34 men and 34 women. (Nongendered delegates don’t count against male or female limits.) The state convention will be held later this year, either in person or online.
You can participate in the county convention in one of two ways:

  1. Become a delegate to the state convention. Delegates must be pledged to a Democratic Presidential candidate and willing to participate in the state convention.
  2. Participate at the county level only. This will involve an online election of delegates to the state convention only if there are more people interested in that than there are slots for our county.

The timeline is short. If you want to take part, you must act soon.

  1. You must pre-register from May 1 to May 12 at 5 p.m. to participate or run for a spot as a delegate to the state convention. All pre-registration will be handled by the state party office. See link below.
  1. If 68 or fewer Monongalia County Democrats file for seats at the state convention, all will be automatically elected. No further action will be taken at the county level.
  1. If more than 68 file (or more than 34 women or 34 men), we will hold an online election. Registrants will be sent instructions and electronic ballots by May 13 and must vote by May 16 at midnight.

To register for the county convention, use the following link: For assistance or more information, call the WV Democratic Party hotline at (681) 758-1437.