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Mary Ann Roebuck Claytor

Photo of Mary Ann Claytor

Mary Ann Claytor is the only candidate running for State Auditor with an accounting degree. She is the only candidate who has provided training for local governments. She is the only candidate who has actually performed financial and compliance audits for the West Virginia State Auditor’s Office.

Mary Ann has a deep understanding of problems facing the Auditor’s Office. She will make changes to make the State more efficient without burdening local governments, and she will bring the technology of the Auditor’s Office into the 21st century. She will also bring down costs associated with auditing and training local governments.

Mary Ann also has a proven track record of being independent. With over 20 years of experience working as a real auditor, Mary Ann has experience holding politicians from both parties accountable. Mary Ann’s loyalty lies with the people of West Virginia, not special interests or political parties.