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Mike Manypenny

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Mike Manypenny is running for the 49th District in West Virginia’s House of Delegates.

From a thoughtful, early Pandemic Response to Economic Development, High-speed internet access, energy, environmental protection, and more, Mike cares about the people of West Virginia and works passionately to get things done. 

As an entrepreneur and farmer, Mike prioritizes building sustainable businesses that create jobs that lift local economies. He also has a plan to promote WV’s recreational areas, Grafton’s history as the birthplace of Mother’s Day, and Fairmont’s as the first celebration of Father’s Day, along with raising the profile of our railway history and the Civil War sites.

Mike knows that West Virginians need reliable, affordable, high-speed internet service now more than ever. He is in favor of creating cooperatives where communities and subscribers own the state’s internet access, making it more available and affordable. High speed internet is essential to educate our children, rebuild our local and state economy, and to help one another in emergencies.

West Virginia has powered the nation for centuries. Mike is proud of that heritage. He also knows that our state can be a leader with renewable energy, such as wind, solar and geothermal. Mike will legislate for fair incentives that help our state diversify the power that we continue to supply to the world. Clean jobs in energy for our young people can help them stay closer to home. And we can preserve our land and water for future generations.